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  • Learning Ability Assessment (complimentary)

Kindly register through our email: (Singapore) or (Malaysia) with name and age of your child.

Special Course vouchers worth $100 will be given out to all participants.

Introductory Talk

The Shichida Method™ is the leading whole-brain stimulation programme for children with a 60-year track record and almost 20 years in Singapore.

The Shichida Method™ programme at licensed centres empowers parents on how to foster children's abilities, quality home practice, schooling success and personality development. Develop superb intuition, photographic memory, lightning-rapid calculation, perfect pitch in music and multi-language acquisition and more talents at Shichida.

Prenatal Classes and Holiday Programme are open for booking

A complimentary introductory talk on Thursday evenings at selected centre will also cover Secrets on How to Raise a Brighter Child.

For Parents with children between 3 months old to 10 years old.

We require advance registration and will confirm your reservation by email. Kindly indicate your child's age, place of residence and contact number to (Singapore) or (Malaysia) to reserve a seat.

Goody bags will be given out while stocks last.

“The purpose of education in the future will not be to create people with heads crammed full of knowledge, but to rear children who know how to efficiently use the whole brain. Rearing children with enormous ability, rich creativity, and the capability to make use of high proportion of their brain should be the goal of child rearing."

Professor Makoto Shichida

Our brain-based specialists guiding parents how to accelerate progress in your children during different stages of stimulation and growth.

JULY - SEPT Vacancies Open for Booking

Development of
Photograpic Memory Ability

Development of
Lightning Rapid Calculation Ability

Development of
Long Attention Span Concentration

Development of
Creative and Vivid Imagination

Development of
Mastery of Perfect Pitch

Development of
Multi-Language Circuit

Development of
Multi-Talents Confidence

All Abilities Are Connected

In one Shichida style classroom that provided speed reading training for children with low academic ability, a marked increase in academic performance occurred over a short period of time. When they began the training, these children had no patience, had difficulty listening to others and were unable to sit still during the lessons but speed reading exercises transformed them into children with a surprising amount of concentration who listened intently to their teacher.

The following is a testimony of children from The Shichida Method™

Shichida's 6 Innate Ability Development

Photographic Memory + Image Clarity + Lightning Rapid Speed Absorption + Intuitive Sharpness + Language Comprehension + Heart Streaming

K.S. from Chiba has an eight-year-old boy Naoya and a six-year-old girl Saori who have tapped their right brain abilities. They both excel at intuitive abilities and can read an entire book in just two minutes. The following is a letter from the parents.

"We followed the Shichida's instructor advice and do follow up activities at home. The children looked very intent and eager when they were memorizing.

We started off with picture books that had few words, but the number of words did not seem to be enough so I am now including books for lower elementary school level. Once they were able to recall one hundred words, it took too long to write everything down so I split the time up into intervals of between two and four minutes.

They were able to read "Edison," a biography for elementary school children which is close to two hundred pages long, in five minutes and later in two minutes. There is a noticeable difference in the results when we do meditation, deep breathing, suggestion and image training first and when we don't.

Just the other day something interesting happened. Naoya's homework assignment was to memorize a poem and as soon as he got home he opened the book and began to read it. (I wanted to see how he would memorize it, so I was observing him the entire time.) He read it through once smoothly and then closed the book. "I've memorized it," he said. "Really? Can you repeat it for me?" I said. He recited the entire poem faultlessly. In the same way, he memorized two other poems. Saori said she wanted to try it and she also memorized an entire poem by reading it through just once. I was very excited to think that this was the result of speed reading.

I wonder if it's really okay for it to be so simple. I am very grateful to Shichida sensei for teaching me this wonderful method. Thanks to you, my children are now able to speed read."

The Shichida Method™ is not a flashcard programme. The use of flashcards is for stimulation together with other tools.
Less than 5 minutes out of the 55 minutes lesson is concentrated on flashing a number of topics made by us.
In order for the child to do well in The Shichida Method™, parents are advised
to spend less than 30 minutes a day, carrying out suitable activities. More information will be provided at our centres.

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