Parents' Testimonial


I had enrolled my daughter into The Shichida Method when she was 20 months old and soon she will complete her second term.

When it comes to realizing the child’s potential, Shichida method was an eye opener. It’s truly amazing to know the concepts of left and right brain activities and techniques to get the most out of them. The program is diversified and not limited to any particular area. It imparted the importance of parent-child bonding, methods of learning and how to create an atmosphere. It’s a delight to see my daughter’s enthusiasm when she’s getting ready for her class. She seems to enjoy it.

I would like to highlight some improvements noticed, after joining The Shichida Method.

  • Safiyyah learnt the 99 beautiful names of Allah using flash cards. Now she can tell all these 99 beautiful names from her memory.
  • She can recite at least 7 small chapters of The Holy Quran. She has an amazing ability to recite the chapters the way she hears.
  • She can reproduce a list of 72 items from the linking memory set 1.
  • She can count from 1 to 10 in Tamil, Malay and Arabic, in addition to English.
  • Tell numbers verbally from 1 till 100 with very little help. Understands concepts of +1.
  • Identify 12 primary & non-primary colors.

Nadira (mother of Safiyyah, aged 2)

Adam is now 19 months old. Heís been with Shichida since he was 9 months old. Recently, we realised he can recite words and simple sentences in the whole storybook after we read to him just once or twice. My hubby and I are so thrilled we canít help but think he might have photographic memory. To date, he has memorised about 10 books. We are looking forward to him reading a whole storybook all by himself.

Cherrie Chin (mother of Adam, aged 1)

We are constantly sending you thanks from our hearts every time we see Vithiya excelling in what she does. Vithiya joined the Shichida program when she was 3. Today at 11, Vithiya has excelled in all her schools academically, in both Malaysia and Singapore. She walked through the subjects with ease and scored record high marks surpassing other outstanding students before her. She has just completed her grade 5 in 3 months and is in grade 6 now.

When we moved her to a new school, she had to pick up 5 years of a new language and 3 new subjects within 2 months in order to move on to the next grade. She has done this beautifully and gracefully in all 7 subjects with the lowest score of 96%. My husband and I believe that all these have been possible because she attended the Shichida program earlier on.

To us, the Shichida program has been an extremely worthwhile investment with high returns year after year. It has nurtured her for what she is now. We have had the privilege of basking in the love shown to us by every single person in the group, from the people in the office up to the Senseis. The center was more like our second home.

My husband and I are forever thankful and grateful to Professor Shichida for sharing this magnificent method with the world, to Mr. & Mrs. Khoo for bringing it to us and making it possible to be a part of our lives, to all the Senseis who guided us through, and everyone in the group who walked with us hand-in-hand to make this possible. This is one of our biggest blessings in life. Thank you God for bringing in the right people and circumstances to make this journey of life a smooth one.

Devi (mother of Vithiya, aged 11)

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