Purpose of Education

Dictionaries define "Education" as "to teach knowledge and skills." However, the original meaning of this word in Latin is "to pull out the innate ability". Parents and teachers have a responsibility to pull out the original large potential capabilities any child was born with to the fullest extent through education. Let's focus on the long-term future, not an immediate one. The future of the word depends on the children of today.

Why Begin Early?

Our second child started attending Shichida Method when she was 8 months old. After evaluating Shichida Method for about 1 year with our first child, we believed that the method is effective and hence, we got the younger one registered without further delay. Indeed, she has shown achievements ahead of her age. Before the age of 2, she was capable of speaking in short full sentences, saying names of objects in both Tamil and English, and pronouncing words of 3 syllables.

Mdm Thangaras
Child joined at 9 months old, now age 3.

I had come across methods recommended by researchers on how to develop the child's potential. However since the introductory lecture and after going through the classes, I feel that in Shichida, these methods together with the ingenious techniques of brain stimulation from the tireless years of research by Professor Shichida, are all well integrated to develop a good equilibrium between the right and left hemispheres. My children enjoy the Shichida classes and their activities.

Dr Rayslida
Child joined at 6 years old, now age 9

Types of Programme

PHASE 1 (Age 0 to 3)
The basic functions of the two brain hemispheres are enriched for the maturity of 6 innate abilities.

PHASE 2 (Age 4 to 5)
The parent has developed a higher awareness of the child's abilites and character.

PHASE 3 (Age 6 & above)
Elite Brain Foundation 1 to 3
The children progress on to strengthen higher abilites for both academic and non academic areas of learning.

Uniqueness of Programme

  • Small class size (4 to 6 children).
  • One parent stays in class with the child.
  • Specially created materials for developing numerous abilities each week.
  • Weekly reviews to monitor child's emotional and learning response.
  • Availability of family-friendly support services.
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