Professor Makoto Shichida

Professor Makoto Shichida led a worldwide revolution in education which is changing the way we understand children, their brain capabilities and their learning styles. He was a well-known figure in Japan, having committed the last 40 years to developing techniques to stimulate the early development of the brain.

Professor Shichida had written more than 200 books (in Japanese), some of which remains on the bestsellers list in Japan.

Professor Makoto Shichida was a fellow of the International Academy of Education and advisor to the Japan Mathematical Certification Association. He had a doctorate in education and was a well known public figure in Japan for his numerous contributions to brain research and learning achievements. He was awarded the highest honorable Merit Prize by the World Science Council, a distinguished service for World Peace Grand Knight Title in 1997 and the World Peace Prize in 1998. In 2003, he was bestowed the Swedish Academy for Health and Medical Sciences Grand Prize and the Higashiku Ninomiya Invention Award.

Having more than forty years of research behind him and thirty over years of successful practice, he led a worldwide revolution in education which was changing the way we understand children, their brain capabilities and their learning styles.

His training institute emphasizes the importance of parent-child bonding and how this will impact the quality of brain stimulation. He felt that all children were born with unique abilities which were innate and easy to develop with proper training and parental guidance.

Today, there are about 200 Shichida establishments in Japan and his work is now helping thousands of parents and children in Singapore and Malaysia develop the foundation for future learning success.

Message To Parents

Dear parents,

We have crossed the threshold of the 21st Century. What will this new era bring? I am convinced it will be a brilliant century full of hope, one that will transform the world.

From ages 0-3, the right brain works dominantly. During this period, it is important to provide as much as a baby needs, and to stimulate his or her five senses regularly. This is also a time when the child is fast absorbing information and is extremely eager to learn.

Children grow and mature faster than parents think. The human brain rapidly starts developing soon after birth. At the age of six, 70% of the brain is developed, and at around the age of 10, almost 90% of the brain is developed. To make corrections or changes later on will prove to be an incredibly hard task, and great effort will be needed for it.

When the right brain is developed well together with the left brain, the heart will be raised to a high level of potential. That is when a child is able to exceed our expectations and show his or her strengths. As a parent, please believe in this possibility - the potential your child carries, by loving him or her, and nurturing them well.

These children are tapping powers we never knew existed as if they are perfectly normal. Watching them rapidly memorize enormous amounts of information and recall with precision and understanding, predict future events, improve their athletic ability instantaneously serve as a guide for education that will revolutionize conventional approaches to child raising in the 21st Century.

Makoto Shichida, Ed.D.
The Shichida Method™

Professor Shichida's Accomplishments

April, 1997: Received the Social and Cultural Distinguished Service Award from the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Culture.
This association honours people who have made accomplishments inside and outside of Japan in the fields of Arts, Fine Arts, Religion, Social Welfare, Culture and Education. The award was presented by President Hiroaki Fushimi.

June, 1997: Received a lifetime membership in the International Academy of Education from the International Academy of Education University in the U.S.
The university originated from the town of Cambridge, England, and is one of the oldest and most regarded universities of Education. Professor Makoto Shichida received the most honourable title, Life Time Member or F.I.E.A.

December, 1997: Received a Distinguished Service for World Peace Grand Knight Title from the World Intellectual Treasury Association
This is awarded to persons who have a title of fellow or academic, and also have remarkable achievements in activities of social service and philanthropy. The World Intellectual Treasury Association is an organization affiliated with the International Academy of Education University. He was given the title of 'Sir' in his honour.

October, 1998: Received the Comandore Medal from the Federative Republic of Brazil
This Medal is equivalent to the decoration medal of The Legion d'Honneur of France, the decoration of Victorian medal and the medal of Basque of Britain. Persons who receive this award are not merely confined to domestic activities but for those who contribute to world peace. This is a criteria for selection.

November, 1998: Received the World Peace Award as part of the United Nations Five Corporations Grand Prize for Peace
This prize is granted to those who live in any of the 180 member nations of the U.N. and those who are contributing to world peace. Professor Makoto Shichida was the first winner given this prize in Asia. The World Peace Award is decided on by non-governmental organizations associated with the UN and its 5 organizational affiliations: UNESCO, UNICEF, MDP and WPA, and WPEA.

March, 2003: Received the International Academy of Education Award from the Research Institute of the Sweden Academy for Medicinal Sciences
It is awarded to someone (from Japan) who has remarkably served the health and well-being of people's minds and bodies, and who has contributed to world peace over many years. Professor Makoto Shichida was given this award for his past achievements.

June, 2003: Received the Prince Higashi Kuninomiya Memorial Prize from the Association of Prince Higashi Kuninomiya
This prize is awarded to persons who are responsible for the instruction of essential creative ideas, promoting intellectual property, and rendering inventive education.

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