Are All Right Brain Programmes the same?

Awards to Young Geniuses in the
Shichida Book of Records

In 1999, Professor Makoto Shichida, together with Superachievers, introduced The Shichida Method to Singapore and Malaysia. The Shichida Method is a unique whole brain education method for young children pioneered by Professor. Many parents were made aware of their children's hidden potential through Professor's seminars conducted in Singapore and Malaysia that year.

In addition to Professor's seminars, you can read about the many great results The Shichida Method brings to our children at this website. The public media such as TV, radio and print have also reported on The Shichida Method and interviewed our parents and children on their experience. Whenever Professor visited, he would use the opportunity to update Singaporean and Malaysian parents about his latest research in early childhood education and how Japanese children have benefited from such research. Through Professor's untiring effort, more and more Singaporean and Malaysian parents are bringing their children through The Shichida Method.

Unfortunately, the awareness of The Shichida Method has also resulted in other programmes making similar claims as Professor's but without the vigour of his forty years of research and study. Some of these programmes claim to be extensions of similar programmes in Japan.

We urge parents to assess the facts carefully and examine the claims of such other courses and their services. Are they supported by vigorous research similar to what Professor has done? Do they have the length of experience that Professor has brought to The Shichida Method? What are the comments of independent research scientists and educators?

Back in 2000 Professor was asked about such programmes in Japan. This is what he had to say.

"Professor, are you aware that there are schools who are also doing right brain training like yours in Japan and what is your view? "

Prof Shichida:
"They are small operators and will not affect the progress we can make in Shichida because I have developed materials and processes over the last 30 years which are used in our classes."

Professor goes on to say.

Prof Shichida:
"How they define a Genius and how I define a Genius is different. "

Your child will only go through his or her first 6 years of growing up once. Do not waste that one and only one opportunity to give your child a unique advantage over others.

Parents who are interested to know more about The Shichida Method should visit our Singapore and Malaysia headquarters to watch videos on those wonderful children featured on  the documentary "My Perfect Child" shown on Singapore National TV and others. You will get to know more about the life of Professor Makoto Shichida and his accomplishments. There are also books by research scientists and educators who praised Professor's work.

At The Shichida Method™, it is our responsibility to walk this journey with parents to bring up a child with love and confidence. We are the first such course in Singapore and Malaysia. Because of the trust, faith and support of our parents, we have brought The Shichida Method to various parts of Singapore and Malaysia to cater to your needs. FYI, all our centers across Singapore and Malaysia are under the same management, and are not franchises operated by inexperienced parties. 

Come to a Shichida Method centre and judge for yourself. Read about the services we provide. Talk to other parents. See the joy on the children's faces. Come and feel the difference for yourself.

May all children be nurtured with praise and acceptance of their great potential,

The Management of The Shichida Method™
Singapore and Malaysia


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