Every child can excel to be the first rank in the field that he is challenged, has the ability of invention and the will to make a contribution to the world. It is a parent's responsibility to raise a bright and talented child and to show him how it can be achieved. A child is perfect. How a parent loves a child can influence the quality of his life and his potential. Our task here is to reduce the stress and worry that parents have about raising children.

Many parents may not be exposed to the latest theories and evidence regarding the upbringing of young children. Many may still be reading outdated materials. I was told that a theory is only a theory but when evidence refutes a theory, we must re-examine the theories themselves. In the past, very little is proven about the right way to develop a good and intelligent child.

Today, the 21st Century is called the Century of the Brain. It is the right time now to have babies because The Shichida Method™ is revealing to us how we can bring up a child with less stress, more joy and in a successful manner. Our nation can then have many capable and useful citizens with a strong commitment to serve society and to serve with a great heart and positive mindset.



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Dear Mrs Jocelyn Khoo,

We are writing to seek your help to promote Gelyn's first book - The Forest Fable.

Gelyn started scribbling and dabbling with crayons and colour pencils since she was 2-3 years old. She has developed such strong interest in art that we enrolled her in painting class since she was four and a half. And she blossomed into a fine young artist. We are sure that one way or the other, through The Shichida Method, Gelyn has attained such great achievement in art as well as her academic results. And she has also grown to become an independent, mature girl who has developed long attention a (she can paint for several hours from morning till afternoon). And we have referred our friends to Shichida whenever we are asked the question which enrichment school does she go to when she was a toddler.

Therefore we feel that it is appropriate for us to launch Gelyn's first book. Parents will get to see how a child can benefit from the results from Shichida.

As you may be aware, through participating in various charity art auctions and Gelyn's two solo art exhibitions to-date, we have raised about S$500,000 for various charities in the last three years. Similarly, the royalties from the sale of the book will be fully donated to WWF to support their conservation efforts. Gelyn is the appointed WWF young ambassador and is scheduled to visit various primary schools and public libraries to promote her book. Most importantly, we hope to create awareness amongst the young generation the importance of Earth conservation.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Mrs Ong

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