Family Care

Being the leading course in our country for the last 15 years, we have a strong tradition of a family care model to benefit every parent and child on our programme.

These are complimentary activities from our organization.

Monthly Brain Stimulation Workbooks

Your child will be given special printsheets for home use free of charge. These additional materials are essential to prepare the child to express his critical and creative thinking skills.

Superachievers Bursary and
Scholarship Awards

A Shichida-trained child who has performed well in primary and secondary school –
be it in academics, sports, or non-academic fields  will be encouraged to apply for bursaries and scholarship from The Superachievers Group, Singapore.

Shichida International Awards
of Achievements

Elite level student Collette Ting who joined at age 1 won the Highest Award of Excellence in the Image Composition and Poem Contest 2014 organised by the Shichida Educational Institute, Japan

Our Institute in Japan will organize special events yearly to uncover special children who excel in different talents and abilities. Every child has a chance to do well.

Parent Ambassador Club

Parents who are recipients of our parenting awards will be invited into this unique group. Our effort will go towards fostering a supportive network among new parents and providing good emotional support towards the development of young children. There will be parenting guidance materials from the Shichida archive available for members' reference.

HEARTalk POWEReader Bulletin

This is a bulletin for current Shichida parents on the course. Many parents share the positive feelings of raising children and exchange tips using this platform rather than the internet.

HEARTrack™ Child Progress Advice

A customized age-based advice sheet on your child's developmental needs and appropriate activities shall be given to parents during the period of training. This would give you peace of mind in managing your little genius in the fastest years of growth. During the intensified periods of stimulation, parents must be ready to nurture the child with patience and not expect instant results as the child's brain is still in the process of enrichment. Our specialists will guide you on how to monitor the growth of the child's character and abilities at the same time throughout the course.

Parent-Child Bonding Workshops

As we are promoting the education of the heart, our principal, Jocelyn has compiled her insights on human development and the progress of education into a series of learning materials, books, poems and songs which are shared within our Shichida families.  Parents and children also share on how life has been  emotionally fulfilling and  fun through such gatherings.

Genius Parenting Channels

Child rearing secrets are imparted in class per term. These information, presented in an interesting style designed by our creative graphic department staff are intended to develop successful parenting. The essence of teaching is drawn from Prof Shichida's collection of 200 books as well as from hundreds of parenting ethics taught by him in the past 50 years.

Genius Family Day

Periodically, Genius Family Day is organized with an exhibition of  children's rich creativity as well as presentations of abilities from all ages of children on our programme.  While the child is developing his or her personality, positive communal values and attitudes are reinforced.

Tensai Privilege Membership

Every effort to improve oneself deserves celebration, and we recognise that parents will always come back for more as the years go by.  Our Shichida parents hold the Tensai Privilege Card and  loyalty tokens  can be exchanged for something from our exclusive original creations of more than 200 items in our catalogue. Our latest variety of  home supplementary training materials created by our brain-based specialists  every year will be recommended during Tensai fairs from time to time.

The Shichida Method™ Booklet

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