Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Shichida Method?
Professor Shichida has a proven system highly regarded as the methodology which will be influential in this century. To develop a high quality child, it is important to examine both character formation and learning abilities as a wholesome approach to child rearing.

The purpose of education is not to teach knowledge and skills but to create a well-balanced child with enormous abilities, rich creativity and the ability to use a huge proportion of the brain. These can only be achieved without stress and a right parent-child relationship.

The main characteristic of The Shichida Method™ is its concentration on its whole-brain education which will build up a big dream in a child to contribute his best to this world.

When is the critical period of training the brain?
We promote whole-brain education by developing the right brain and connecting it to the left-brain, allowing both sides of the brain to work together in balance.

The right brain is the more important hemisphere to influence the quality of the left-brain. For example, the right brain enables the child to learn subconsciously as well as enable the brain to be able to automatically process large amounts of information at high speed whereas the left-brain is able only to process small amounts of information at low speed.

Ages 0-3 is the period in which the child maximizes the utilization of the right brain. From ages 4-6, the child would start to switch to using the left-brain. Henceforth, the critical period of training the brain would be from ages 0-3. If the child is older, techniques will be taught by the Professor on how to modify the negative aspects.

If the brain is well nurtured, the child will develop a great vision about learning and can handle any challenges with ease for the rest of his life. Further on in life, it will be more difficult to modify the learning capability.

My child is only an infant. How can he/she benefit?
An infant has incredible learning abilities. Even though an infant may not be able to display his/her learning abilities or potential, the cells in the brain are connecting fast for future brain usage. An infant should be given appropriate brain stimulation to bring out the innate human abilities such as: photographic memory, creativity, perfect pitch in music, multi-languages mastery and lightning rapid calculation abilities.

What must parents do after the training?
Parents are required to carry out proposed course related activities with their children at home everyday. Brain training is a continuous process that requires continuous attention by the parents at home. 30 minutes a day of pratice is well within the ability of any busy parents.

What are the benefits of the Parent Education Course?
Parents will gain first hand knowledge from the Founder himself and understand the system to draw out a child's potential at home. If the parent likes to follow a regular system of working closer with their child, parents can consider participating in the weekly programme. We require commitment from the parents to fulfill certain obligations while on the programme such as regular revision at home and submission of reports over a period of time, etc. In addition, the following are also being monitored to help the parents.

  • Yearly IQ testing is provided for children at the appropriate age.
  • Developmental areas are assessed periodically to chart the stages of brain progress every term.

The course will provide a challenging role for any parents who want to find out the secrets behind genius children and how to modify poor learning behaviour as well. It is important to understand oneself and where one can go wrong. So, the course provides some practical and essential hands-on home activities as well as learning the procedures of raising a bright child at home.

What is the difference between your programme and that of others ?
Some other methods use mainly flashcards or worksheets for their training whereas The Shichida Method™ focus on drawing out the innate imagery system in learning through fun techniques. Parents will be taught how to use stimulating materials. We provide parents the foundation to help their children and not to overemphasise academic performance, much seen in other types of programmes.

Does it mean that a parent need not send a child to an enrichment programme like speech and drama, piano or language class?
According to Professor Shichida, the focus of every parent should be on brain development, which is a very important phase of a child's life. Once the brain is stimulated well, a child's innate talent and strengths will be uncovered and parents can then select additional courses according to the child's capabilities and interests. Like the children in Japan, they do well with ease because of their ability to use their whole brain better.

Is your programme different from others who claimed that theirs are right-brain training as well?
Although the right brain is important, The Shichida Method™ emphasizes on parent-child bonding to develop a good and successful child, be it in academic or non-academic fields. The evidence provided by parents across Japan, Singapore and Malaysia are confirming the essence of Professor Shichida's 40 years of research. The children are wonderful because their parents realise the importance of conveying love to their children and knowing how to do so.

You need to be careful and check the source of other progammes as the brain of a young child is very delicate and once wired wrongly, is difficult to undo any damage.

Can older children benefit?
Though we recognize that the best period to work with children is when they are below six, we have seen some pretty remarkable results with older children as well.

What about children with brain injury, mental retardation or Down's Syndrome?
Some measures of inability are based on current models of left-brain performance. But, some of these kids have good right brains. We have seen some exciting results coming from our work with these groups as well.

Will it mess up my child's head?
This is a well tested and documented method that has been developed over many years in Japan. Many parents have been giving high acclaims to the results they've seen in their own children.

Can I succeed by just reading your books?
Though not impossible, some of the techniques we will be showing you are very specific, having refined them through many years of testing. We will also show you how to make your own equipment to save some money.

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