Zakiah Binti Nor Haszhan, 3 years old

Zakiah Haszhan has been with Shichida for almost a year now. Her cheerful disposition never fails to brighten up the atmosphere during her class. Zakiah has 80% accuracy for Flash Memory, which she greatly enjoys. Being an expressive child, Zakiah performs brilliantly for her language games and is fond of her IQ games as well. Her artistic talents can be observed during her Finger Play sessions, actively dancing and singing along with others in the class.

Rikei Nakajima, 3 years old

Rikei Nakajima has amazing language skills. He was able to recognize all his Japanese Hiragana by age two. He also understands and speaks English and Chinese, the latter which he picked up at his childcare centre. Rikei has been noted for his excellent recital skills. Taking instructions during class is an effortless task. Rikei is often praised for his good overall results.



Leslie Tan, 6 years old

Leslie Tan has a strong bond and telepathic link with his Mother. He is able to visualize the story mentally while it is being read to him and can answer the questions afterwards. His memory skills are brilliant. He is able to get at least 80% correct for his photographic/instant memory. Leslie recites 50 cards within a minute without help and also recalls some information when a story is told for the very first time.

L. Keerthnah, 4 years old

Keerthnah has a fantastic memory and is able to recall 7 out of 10 pictures in sequence. She has good coordination and can easily remember the position of the puzzle without any lines provided for the puzzle. She is able to recite and remember the actions for the poems that were taught last term.


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