Radio Interview

Prof Shichida was interviewed on NewsRadio 93.8FM on 9th March 2005.


Shichida parent shares amazing results on Newsradio 93.8FM on 6 Aug 2003.


Shichida parent shares amazing results on Newsradio 93.8FM on 28 Oct 2003.

Television: My Perfect Child

Mediacorp TV's Channel 5 featured children from The Shichida Method in a 4-part series from 10th March 2008 through 31st March 2008. The following are snap shots from the series entitled "MY PERFECT CHILD." Parents wishing to view any one of the episodes may contact our office to make arrangements.

A Sharper Brain

Charles Kok, able to feel a book in any language with eyes closed and describing its contents correctly.

Photographic Memory

Eugene Lim, uses photographic memory to remember the names of more than 100 of his favourite cartoon characters. He is able to complete 100 boxes addition matrix within the stipulated timing.

High Speed Absorption

Fidelia Chan, able to recite at least 400 items for linking memory in less than 8 minutes.

Lightning Rapid Calculation

Gervas Chew, recognising numbers in dots and point to the correct answer in complex math equations
at the age of 5.

Perfect Sensory Judgement

Ho Yun Jing, able to tell correctly more than 20 vegetables, fruits, colours, and math equations even with eyes closed.

Multi Language Ability

Victoria Glass, able to recite numbers in Cantonese, Tagalog, Malay, Chinese and Spanish.

Speed Reading

Keane Chua, able to read a book in foreign language and drawing out its contents correctly.

Instant Memory

Nicholas Yoong, able to tell the days of the calendar easily from the date, month and year.

Perfect Pitch Music Ability

Tan Jing Yang, able to recognise the titles of Classical Music and its composers.

Well Coordinated Brain

Tarun Shankar, able to locate more than 200 countries on the World Map using Photographic Memory. Can give correct answers for more than 200 capitals from memory through recitation.

Excellent Image Power

Tashi Yeow, has sharp observation skills and absorbs general knowledge easily. Can recognise all car models and explain in details the functions of car parts.

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