The Shichida Method™ prides itself on constant innovation in line with up-to date scientific research obtained from the Shichida Institute in Japan. This steadfast, and excellent backing which results from a long-standing partnership with the institute on which The Shichida Method™ was founded enables a dynamic exchange of ideas, discoveries and principles in order to enhance our pedagogical systems to ever superior heights.

Our Principal's talk at SGH
Postgraduate Medical Institute

In addition, our principal Mrs Jocelyn Khoo, being a committed and passionate educator has also devoted herself to active research in order to advance the cause of The Shichida Method™. Through her many active years of extensive experience in the field, she has written numerous books and songs to share her knowledge in the areas of parenting, learning and teaching, among many others. These efforts are aimed not only at guiding parents on the appropriate values, mindsets and attitudes advocated by Professor Shichida, but also with the wider goal of engaging the larger community. She has been immensely successful and continues to extend the vibrancy of her outreach through educational seminars across many diverse fields that showcase her various intellectual and artistic talents. Being a strong advocate of 'The education of the heart', she is also actively involved in many social and community causes.

Worthy research across many decades have contributed to strong material development which complements the application of cognitive enhancement techniques on our programme. Our organisation reflects this established status though the distribution of corporate gifts such as calendars that contain content contributed by our instructors both on the successes of their students as well as their parents' hearts. Throughout the years, we have also seen an exponential increase in the number of younger children receiving gold and silver awards during the Brain Excellence challenges we hold.

As part of honouring the work of Professor Makoto Shichida and the support of our valued customers, The Shichida Method™ is proud of the fact that we design our own in-house gifts to commemorate special occasions such as Children's day, Mothers' day and so forth. Creativity and orginality are the core of such projects undertaken, and we are grateful to have enough students to benefit and sustain our cause. Through this, it gives us drive and motivation to improve and empower our community through our new family care initiatives.

Among our many outstanding students, Gelyn Ong has also touched the lives of others with her creative and artistic talents. There is joy and freedom of expression displayed through her illustrated book on the theme of environmentalism. Gelyn's parents and many other parents like them whose children have benefitted from The Shichida Method™ have given testimonials featuring noteworthy commendation and gratitude on the successes and efficacy of our programme.

Recently, our management has invested in several aspects in order to serve our customers even better. We have upgraded our facilities, including a state of the art auditorium for future educational seminars as well as other events that parents and children can look forward to. This improvement is also hoped to inspire our teachers by giving a more aspirational quality to helping and professional involvement. With this, we strive to increase our social capital.

In addition, every week, 80 percent of Shichida class materials are revamped; this is because we believe that hand-made materials are indicative of love for the children and commitment to quality is paramount. We have a dedicated team of senior citizens with an established partnership with our curriculum team. They work resourcefully to ensure that materials are captivating, durable and meaningful for teaching and learning.

The Shichida Method™ actively applies research to product development, which also incorporate the feedback from our customers through active channels of discussion and communication.

In conclusion, forty years from Shichida have given us many materials and resources adapted to the 21st Century, and quality matters to us. We are confident in our ability to give parents the knowledge and assurance they need to guide their children to achieve their highest potential, and that potential is infinite.

Amy Lin,
Head Instructor

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