Award Winning Children

Dear Prof Shichida,

I cannot express my gratitude enough in words for the benefits your programme has given to my daughter, and my family... It has paved the way for her to hold the Malaysia Book of Records for the “The Longest Distance Swimming by a Toddler” (She did 50 metres at 2 years 3 months old). Thank you very much!

Mrs Kam

Dear Prof Shichida,

I want to thank you very much for your method to educate my 4 year old daughter, Emily. She truly enjoys your method of learning and has never missed a single lesson thus far. For your info, Emily participated in an invention contest organised by MINDS (Malaysia invention and design society) and won a special award for her invention, a multipurpose musical potty.

What impressed us most is she was able to give presentations and demos about her invention in public without any fear and pressure.

Mrs Haw

A 6 year old child memorising 300 cards using photographic memory.

I can copy a page into my head if I look at it for an instant. Then I read it in my head then, even though the book is closed.

Mihara, 7 years old

We are very impressed by her excellent memory and her IQ of 186. We are very confident that The Shichida Method™ has brought out the potential of our children and prepare them to live out their dreams fully in whatever path they choose.

Mrs Lim
Child joined at 24 months old, now age 6

Nerve Nets - Stimulation changes the neuralnetworks of the brain. Huge quantity of input (Right Brain) changes the quality of output (Left Brain)

A Singapore child writes out the answers to multiplication sums in 1 min 40 secs.

Equations solved by A.T., Nagoya (age 2 years 8 months)
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