Tribute to Shichida Parents

Dear Parents,

My heart feels deeply grateful to Mei whose children joined our Shichida programme since year 2002.

She has volunteered to be our Chairman for the Parent Support Group in year 2004 and has since been guiding new parents till today. She has been volunteering at our term based home practice guidance sessions for the last 12 years.

Mei has rejected all my gifts of appreciation. I can still recall her telling me that the benefits which her children have gained from this programme is far greater than any gifts from me.

Seeing how our little Shichida children have grown up and excelling in several areas really touched all our hearts.

There are many parents who have shown their great support in many other ways and we really appreciate their faith and trust in us.

We feel loved. Thank you all and may my songs bring back good memories for all.

Every Child Is a Genius !

With oneness at heart,
Jocelyn Khoo
The Shichida Method™

Heartfelt Appreciation to
ParentsĀ of

Xylon Chan
J F Chin
Cherish Chua
Chin Yern
Kate Chiuh
Melissa Chua
Charlene Chua
Y J Ho
Karrisan Chua
Elise Ho
Jerica Kuah
Timothy Ho
J Y Lai
Dominic Lau
YJ Lee
Adley Lian
Arnold Lau
J M Lim
Jonelle Lim
Mak Ho
Maya R Zainudin
Y Z Nyang
Clarissa Peh
Y X Seah
C C Sng
Paige Wong
Brandon Zhang
X E Tiong
Allison Tai
Y Q Wong
Z H Khew
Cashill Sarah Lee
Ethan Hor
Jason Liu
R Y Neoh
Su Sze Kam
Shane Hooi
Y W Wong
Claryss Kuan
Sayyed Ibrahim Almadaly
Samson Lai
Asley Lim
ZE Chong
Sherry Goh
CO Tan
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