A True Story


I started The Shichida Method when I was one year old. Now I am in secondary school. Since I started Shichida Method until this day, I had reminisced many times about how glad I am that I have been taking Shichida Method.

The best thing I like about Shichida Method is drawing out my natural memory ability. Now I am doing 40 to 50 cards at one glance. The next good thing I like about Shichida is their image training techniques. Like before I play any type of sports, I do some image training revision and it really helps me. For example, when I play basketball, I could tell my opponent’s moves before he/she even does it. Another example is baseball. I would be able to tell where the pitcher is going to throw the ball. Because of the image training, I am able to do things according to my imagination. Then the summer when I was a primary 6 student, I was able to use the skills that I had learned in Shichida in taekwando. I was able to analyse my opponents’ move before he did it. So when I was in secondary one, I was able to become champion in my taekwando tournament.

In my classes, it is not just the context of the class that helps me but also Professor Shichida makes it easier to understand how to switch on my right brain. He also explains how to blend this into my daily life and how to become a useful person when I grow up. People have been telling me that it would be nice if I could have a job that will be helpful to mankind. And I also want to be someone useful so I decided to aim to become an astronaut. But to become an astronaut, I would have to train harder on my English memorisation ability and my imagining skill. So when I become an astronaut, I would want to study the earth, the universe and do studies that will contribute to mankind.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank my parents that made it possible for me to join Shichida.

Hirata Hayato,
age 14

A True Story


My son started at 5 years old and now is in Primary 2. I can’t help but notice that he can understand concepts meant for primary 5 or 6. In class, the teacher puts him up as a leader to help the weaker students in their schoolwork. For example, if he needs to learn Chinese idioms, we can just flash those words to him for a few times and he remembers. Due to perfect hearing, he only needs to hear a piece of music once and he can reproduce it on the harp. All his teachers find it a joy to teach him.

He likes Table Tennis. After two lessons, due to his fast reactions, he could stroke really fast and well. The most amazing thing is that he could also do wave reading while blindfolded.

We find the Shichida programme really fantastic. All you need to do is to follow up on what the instructors did in class. Just do it consistently because you may not see result in that instant but after some time, the result actually shows. To me, a lot of his achievements are due to his training in this programme.

Mr Lee

A True Story


My son is 10 months old now. He suffered from meningitis when he was 7 days old and part of his brain was badly damaged due to virus/bacteria infection. Since joining the Shichida class, his progress has been fantastic. Last month when I brought him for a medical check up, the doctor was surprised at his progress. My boy is now like a normal baby and one just can’t tell he had actually suffered from a severe brain infection before.

In fact, our doctor was so impressed that she wanted to find out what we have done right to stimulate him, as she wants to tell her other patients’ parents to do the same. As such, I have then introduced The Shichida Method™ to my doctor.

Mr Choong

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